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Last week my family and I had our first road trip ever. We went from Miami, to Savannah then to South Carolina, Atlanta and back to Miami. This trip was so spectacular that I’m starting to plan our second road trip but this time, we are going to stay longer in Savannah. This old town is so enchanting, that in only two days one can only see 1/32 of its beauty.

Today I’m posting some stunning houses I found along the way. Some are just to die for while others are just gorgeous. I’ll try to do my best to set them in time and place. Hope you enjoy my selection of houses.

In old Savannah you’ll find…


Three storey buildings. You might find some wonderfully covered with vines while others, with fabulous arcs. Who says Victorian style?

Historic homes painted with pastel colors. Pay extra attention to the details on the balcony.

Bungalow style houses with beautiful fronts.

Spanish moss everywhere. Here is an interesting legend about this moss that is neither Spanish nor moss.

Red door with a hitching post in front. Imagine the stories if this horse could talk. Uff!

Spectacular round shapes on this house porch. I’m trying to figure out what is this house’s style. Maybe another Victorian style house?

Mix and very well match front gardens.

A Greek revival house with elegant Corinthian columns.

South Carolina splendor

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I fell in love with its flowers and architecture. This is house is the third generation. 

Some history in Atlanta

Stately Oaks Historic Home. While it is no Twelve Oaks from Gone with the Wind, it’s the best next thing.

With the sunset on one side, another beautiful house in Atlanta.

St. Augustine around 1800’s or so


In a more modern side, a Moorish influenced house. Look at those windows.

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