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Doors that might talk

Following my House Encounter post, today I’m sharing with you a few of the doors I’ve found during my family’s road trip. Their charm and mystery will make you wonder what these doors have to say. Lets hear see them.

Enchanted door in the Owens Thomas museum in Savannah, GA.

A door in front of a cemetery? Yes indeed and, although that might sound spooky, I love how the violet flowers looked on top of the block wall. Savannah, GA


Iron gate around the corner of York Street in Savannah, GA. It really looks like I was a step behind the secret garden. If you are wondering, the fruits on the door are oranges.

Although not a real door with knobs and hinges, this is a natural entrance to the beautiful gardens in Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. As you can see, here Spring has arrived.

In the middle of an abandon site, I found this door in St. Augustine, FL. I love the transom (sol trunco in spanish) on the top; a perfect match to its wood construction and white wall, both surrounded by nature.

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