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Bathroom day 2

I know it might seem like it has been taking forever, but I’m sure these results will please a lot of you. Continuing with my non-interference bathroom renovation, today I’m sharing with you the tub area (the rest will come in a later post; I want to keep you guessing) which I’ve taken the time to think and rethink the possibilities. You see, when you only have paint and accessories and you want to see real results in an area; one have to play around a little with additions until every piece of the puzzle makes sense.

Let’s start by micro areas. On the hexagonal wall I did with the U-Stripe It tool, I placed a white 45” photo ledge from Ikea in the center. This ledge was very inexpensive and it added a place to put a mirror and some decoration items. The mirror helps by reflecting the light it receives from either the bathroom lamps or the outside making this tub area a little bit brighter. Also, it adds a visual spaciousness to this small master bathroom.

On the ledge I also put two decoration dishes. But they are not only for decoration purposes because the big one can be use to place a bottle of wine or something to munch while reading a favorite magazine; and the small one can be used to place soaps. The small elephant at the end is also a soap dish, but I decided its spot was as the end item to my ledge.


The next micro area is the small “apple” ladder. I suffer a whole day’s worth of searching for this item because normally what one can find are wider ones. I bought this one on Ebay and the reason I insisted on this item was because I wanted something to hold the body’s sponge or a small towel. It ended being a very useful ladder because I can also placed small plants on it. Remember that I wanted to find a way to get some green inside my bathroom as my inspiration photos from the previous post showed.

Speaking of getting the green in; you can find some splashes of this color with the small plants I scattered around. In a near future, the Photos Golden will rapidly grow making it naturally fall (like a cascade). I just can’t wait for the top one to do so. It’ll look gorgeous!


Remember the garden stool I so anxiously wanted? I found the white one with engraved-like flowers at Home Goods with an spectacular price (compare to the real one) and could not resist or wait to buy it. This stool came very handy because on it I can place my magazines, plants and decoration objects and also it can be set inside the shower and be use as a real stool (you know, for one of those days when you wish you have a Jetson’s auto-shower)


The end result (I have to say) amazed me because again, I did this transformation with a nice budget and without interfering with the structure. Wait till you see the other areas of the bathroom! I’ll keep you posted.

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