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What I want now: Agate

1. Chandelier from Emporium Home 2. 1970’s Italian lamp by Willy Daro 3. Side table by Brenda Houston 4. Toss pillow by West Elm

Agate, a beautiful stone and a variety of the chalcedony quartz (a group of stones made of a microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline), can be found in different colors except the green and blue ones which are very rare to come across. Today this hard rock is my latest decor fixation.

Beautiful and modern kitchen top from Cesar Stone. Their Conceto line offers different colors of agate for kitchen top, vanities, floors, walls you name it. And the best part is that they can be backlit for added effect.

I’ve seen agate in a pair of earnings, a fancy women collar or a bracelet. But now is time for this stone to evolve into the interiors. And why not add a little glamour and finesse to one or two spaces in our homes. Here are a couple of great ideas on how to incorporate this precious gemstone and some “take-your-breath-away” accessories. Let’s rock ‘n’ decor!


(Left) Bathroom waterproof wall panel from Alex Turco. (Right) Sigmar Polke agate window from Grossmünster Cathedral in Zürich. (Photo of window from On Site Review)

Golden agate waterproof wall panels from Alex Turco.

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