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Nowadays everything around us is advertised as organic or eco-friendly. At times for me this tends to cause confusion “is it made with organic materials? or is it recycled? how much of it is green?”. But it has come to my attention a new word: “Repurpose-able”.

Paul Schulman, a Chicago-based designer and mill-worker is promoting the use of items you already have giving them a new life; hence making them “repurpose-able”. I really love how he has given a new meaning to this word. For him “going green doesn’t have to be using all organic or eco-friendly”.

See how Paul added some fun touches to these décor spaces.


Give an old dining room chair or nightstand table a new life by repainting with a fun, bright color using eco-friendly paint.

Use old glass jars or mismatched wine glasses to help decorate a bookcase or shelves by filling with colorful buttons, glass stones, flowers, etc. The jars can also be used to store pastas, wheats, and spices in the kitchen.

Wall art by creating bulletin boards from vintage frames, fabric and ribbons from a craft store.


Create mobiles or hanging sculptures using old wire hangers and vintage jewelry or by hanging fun shapes in a kid’s bedroom. Also, take miscellaneous framed canvas artwork from around the house or from a thrift store and hang as a collage of paintings in a bedroom.

Great ideas from Paul Schulman Design. How would you re-purpose an area or an item in your house. Let us know. 

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