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Sometimes the best way to make a change in an area and to personalize it, is by incorporating an item from past decades. This technique of Mix and Match is very useful because it brings an element of surprise to any room and can sometimes be a very inexpensive way to make great changes. When trying to Mix and Match at your home keep in mind that the piece you’ve selected has an element of design (line, color, form) that echoes the surroundings. That way the item will automatically and visually belong to the rest of the room.

Today I’ve gathered a series of Chinese elements that can be use to Mix and Match in different rooms. In every set I have placed the original or antique piece followed by its modern High-end version and the contemporary “Budget-friendly”.

1. Bamboo centre table 2. Indian Cove end table 3. Bambo Tray table

1. Original Chippendale Chinese Mirror 2. Pompidou mirror 3. Ethan Allen Chippendale Mirror

1. Great Pagoda Photo 2. Pagoda Lanterns 3. Pagoda Lamp

1.Original Quan Yi Armchair2.Quan chair by Jinr3. Phillip Stark’s Mi Ming Chair

1. Antique French armoire 2. Chinoiserie armoire by Julia Gray 3. End Table

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