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Inspiration Board: Paris Flea Markets

Brooke Giannetti

I just love everything vintage and if it comes from a flea market in Paris, better.  What’s not to love about a mysterious finding in one of the Tour Eiffel’s city. Everything there seems to have a story to tell. From small buttons to giant wall mirrors. All is romantically enchanted!

Today I’m posting some incredible spaces and accessories inspired by the Paris Flea Market. After seeing all this, you’ll find yourself buying a ticket to the city of love!

Eclectic Revisited

Vintage Shabby-Chic  Vintage Dining Room

1. Photo via I heart Shabby Chic  2. Photo via Classic Interior Design

Cote Maison

Photo via Cote Maison

Apartment Therapy  Indulgy

1. Photo via Apartment Therapy 2. Photo via Indulgy


Accessories and chandelier from Shannon Koszyk 

(vintage, rock n’ roll inspired home décor)

Shannon Koszyk’s home décor combines old world charm with a touch of modern flare.  Pieces inspired by timeless artistry are unique to the designer’s eclectic bohemian nature.  Ranging from extraordinary chandeliers to classic candles, Shannon Koszyk’s designs are clearly that of heritage items which have been passed down from older generations.  Timeless accents derived from Paris flea markets, antique coins, and rock crystals, are all coordinated to depict a glamorous rock n’ roll inspired home interior!

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