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Beautiful happenings

Part of the process of Eskayel, her paintings. Source

Last week was a great one for me! It was full of new and exciting surprises, a visit  from dear friend and huge huge news! Weeks like this don’t come by that often, so I’ve been perplexed but enjoying every minute of it. Also its been long since this cyber walls been full with new people so I welcome each and everyone of you with a huge smile and a BIG HELLO!

With all this emotions and happenings, today I’ll present to you Shanan Campanro a great artist and founder of Eskayel, a Brooklyn based design studio focused on interior surface design. Her breathtaking wallpaper images consist on creating beautiful paintings and digitally transform them into patterns. Her new line called “The Poolside Collection” is so well-timed for Summer which is just around the corner. Campanro’s work is eco-friendly and a “visually inspiring option”. Here are some great examples of Eskayel’s wallpaper and its new line.



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