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Window installations in London

Anthropologie window installation from Gort Scott at Regent Street London W1 

I’ve always admired those window displays that makes you want to transform into a mannequin and live there for a while. Like for example the ones at Fifth Avenue in New York, or any of the windows of Anthropologie stores (my favorite store in the whole wide world). I’ve fancy myself thinking how creative are the artists behind the making. What were they thinking or where did they tranported their minds when doing these windows. It if just so fascinating for me to dream about these works of art. Now celebrating the art of window display and from April 16 to May 6, Regent Street London W1 will be showcasing a number of inspiring architectural installations created by some of the world’s best up-and-coming architects in partnership with RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). On its third year, this initiative fuses cutting edge architecture with unique retail design to create a street wide outdoor exhibition. With the title “Play” as their main theme; Riba London and Regent Street, London W1 have matched the following retailers and architects for this years prestigious Regent Street Windows Project:

Banana Republic by Ushida Findlay Architects and Visitor Studio

  • Ferrari by Feix & Merlin
  • Bose by Zero Zero
  • Reiss by De Matos Ryan
  • Folli Follie by Egret West
  • TM Lewin by Liddicoat & Goldhill
  • Anthropologie by Gort Scott
  • Moss Bros by Delvendahl Martin Architects

Here are some great examples of this year participants:

Antropologie by Gort Scott Based on the theme of play, Gort Scott are teaming up with Anthropologie to create a playful animation of their Regent Street windows. Through the geometric arrangement of simple painted sticks, a visual trick of shifting and transformed patterns will catch the attention of passers-by. The sticks also combine to create a hedge-like structure as a backdrop for the display of mannequins.

Banana Republic by Ushida Findlay Architects and Visitor Studior Ushida Findlay and Visitor intend to create a fluid form that captures a frozen moment in time. The splash-like form exposes a wildlife scene as it meets the glazing. This form is to be constructed out of small plastic safari animal toys cast in clear resin, recalling childhood memories whilst capturing the theme of Banana Republic’s forthcoming collection of Safari.

TM Lewin by Liddicoat & Goldhill Named “High Fliers” this window display is a mix of the theme of ‘play’ with TM Lewin’s brand concept of ‘performance’, Liddicoat & Goldhill’s London skyline plays host to a cluster of serene origami balloons. Using the shirtmaker’s crisp folding and cutting techniques, fabrics in multifarious patterns & hues will be reshaped into high-flying lanterns.

Folli Follie by Egret Westet West Studio Egret West’s playful intervention takes form in a series of coalescing smoke rings, which suspend a variety of Folli Follie jewellery, watches and small accessories. The structure occupies the entirety of the window, artistically leading the eye towards the back of the shop. The receding and expanding rings create organic conical recesses that contain and focus our attention on the showcased objects.

Reiss by De Matos Ryan The aim is to create a playful and kaleidoscopic space within the depth of the window that blurs the traditional distinction between passerby and mannequin. In doing so it hopes to affect a momentary and surreal daydream, full of aspiration and reflection. The retail ‘Hall of Mirrors’ will also playfully present a periscopic insight to the otherwise typically concealed grade 2 listed interior and shop beyond. Participants both inside and out will find themselves caught in a perceptual conundrum.

Here is a video from last year Regent Street Windows Project (2011):


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