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Summer beach umbrellas

So, summer is here and with it, sand, sun and the beach. Although we like it when we get tan, it is a sure thing that at the end, the sun rays cause too much skin damage to risk ourselves. Before you go running to apply gallons of sunblock (of course you should apply some reasonable quantity) and pretend to look like “Powder” or worst, like Casper the friendly ghost; here are some great and stylish summer beach umbrellas to take to the beach. Keep in mind that for us, style and beauty always go hand in hand.

True blue: Just like the sea, this options are all in tone with its sorroundings. From the beautiful summery stripes, to the ones evoking fish’s skin.

Round Umbrella from Pottery Barn

Aqua fish scales from Cocopani Rio Beach Umbrella from This Next Fringe Beach Umbrella from Kate Spade

Like a ray of sun: Like the sun rays but without suffering mayor damage and risking your skin, take a yellow umbrella to feel sun kiss!

Sombrilla canopy from Hollie & Harrie

Daffodil Polka Dot from Cocopani  Spectra Yellow Parvani Beach Umbrella from WorldMarket

Under the Indian sun: How many times have you fallen in love with everything Indian. This options are so gorgeous and stylish that you’ll want to ride the beach on top of an elephant or better yet, start dancing to the rhythm of an Hindi music.

Indian Sun Umbrella

Orisa Sumbrella from Indian Group Company  Show Stopper from Indian Garden Company

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