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The Apartment Book (review)

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

Do you have your Santa’s wish list ready? If so, stop right there and don’t forget to add this book: House Beautiful The Apartment Book. I was recently invited to review it, and was I “WOWed”…. This book is packed with lots of great design ideas for every decor taste; from the traditional everyday inspired to the contemporary ones.

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

House Beautiful The Apartment Book did not forgot about anyone in this book. If you are a proud owner of a Louis XVI chair for sure, you’ll find ideas here on how to pair this fabulous accent chair with your surrounding furniture.

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

Divided by room areas: living room, dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, libraries, and offices; this book is perfect for the apartment owner who seeks to find the best design choices for limited spaces.

Here are some points that I loved:
– Color concepts for each room area with tricks (no magic wand needed!)
 – How important is natural light in rooms and how to make the most out of it.
– Great photos with lots of details and ideas on how to mix and match styles.

No matter how big or small is your room, here you’ll find a muse that will inspire you to create and decorate. Look for the before and after sections distributed around the book. The final results will leave you breathless. They’ve addressed on this examples some good pointers to keep in mind when renovating or redecorating certain areas in your apartment.

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

For the collectors, they have 10 great pointers for showing off your treasures In doubt of how to play with a neutral palette? Don’t despair, here you’ll find tons of ideas for the minimalist taste, but also for the traditional ones.

I would suggest to look for this great pages:
– 10 rules for hanging artwork page 42
– 12 tricks to make your space look larger page 52
– 10 details that make a small kitchen great page 154
– 7 tips for making all-white work page 192

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

So there you have it. Now remember to ask Santa for House Beautiful The Apartment Book (now available on Barnes and Noble or your bookstore of choice). I’m sure he won’t mind if you’ve been naughty or nice!

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    Whitney Jones
    March 28, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    This is seriously one of my favorite books. House Beautiful did a great job of giving clear and easy to understand decorating tips. One of my old clients loves to decorate so much that it killed her to have to hire a Interior Designer. I knew how much this hurt her, that instead of actually being an "interior decorator" for her, I was her "teacher" and walked her through making the right decor decisions for her home.

    When we were done with the project, living room/dining room, I actually bought her this book and told her that it will help her get through the rest of her home by herself. I DID tell her to call me if she needed extra help. She loved the book!!!


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