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Have you heard of the #8decoshots?

For all of those decor lovers an passionate photographers (or like me, in training); a good friend of mine and interior decorator collegue, Yanira La Puerta and myself are doing an interesting challenge on Instagram. We’ve called it the #8decoshots challenge and it consist on posting a photo daily during a period of 8 consecutive days. Beforehand we’ve establish a list of interesting words to go by each day. The photos you post should be a good representation of that word. Below you’ll find one of our first selection for the word delicate.

#8decoshots challenge instagram delicate

At the end of the challenge we select one lucky winner based on the unity of his or her work and how well anchored each photo is according to the words.

Here is our lucky winner for the month of March: Heidi O’Rourke from Sydney Australia. She won a personalize triptych made by Yanira La Puerta.

8decoshots mozsas instagram

We are planning to start again the challenge on April 15. The words for this month’s challenge are going live next week on Yanira’s IG account and myself. Remember to follow us on Instagram so you won’t miss the opportunity to participate and to meet some inspiring and creative people on the IG stratosphere. See you there!

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