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Juju hat easy tutorial

juju hat decor

I’ve always admired how pretty this Juju hats look on almost any type of decor style. A little while ago I wrote about them and presented you with some great examples in a variety of colors and sizes. This little guys make a great focal statement.

Juju hats decor
Photos: Pinterest

Today I found a simple way to do one. My version of the Juju hat (although more delicate and simple in form) is made using regular white feathers painted with coffee grind and half of a foam sphere (You can find both feathers and foam at Michaels stores). I lower the round center of the sphere to make it a concave form (like the ones on the real Juju). After this, I started placing the feathers around it.

Juju hat decor diy feathers

I used the larger feathers on the bottom and the smallest ones as I was getting closer to the center. This whole project did not take to much time and was very inexpensive to do (compare to $300 and up for the real thing). The delicate final result was a huge success! Come on, try it out and let me know how it went.

juju hat decor diy feathers

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