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dinner table plates trends spring 2013
Don’t settle a space with a too “matchy-matchy” approach. Try mixing and matching different patterns for an astonishing end result. Those colorful main dishes were my fanfind on the Midtown HomeGoods in Miami.

Recently HomeGoods had its editors’ event were they presented some of the Spring trends 2013. On the venue they styled rooms from items collected by bloggers (like myself). Each blogger had the chance to go to its nearest store and find their favorite item that made them desingHappy. Here are some interesting takes on what those styled rooms looked. Needless to say Spring is looking good!

bedroom decoration bed colors
The lovely purple color on the wall makes a great backdrop for a suede azure chair. It also helps the wall-art take a first stand. On the bedroom you can spot some beautiful pillows selected by the designHappy blogger, Ivy .
office orange color spring wall art
Full of orange pops here and there, this office space has an organic flair. From the wall art on the back, to the sculptural lamp (a selected item by other of the designHappy bloggers, Susan) the details are all in agreement by color and form.
yellow family room coffee table spring 2013
Yellow, marine blues and sands, those are the mayor forecast colors for this Spring.  Love that coffee table’s industrial look and feel.
bloggers HomeGoods
These are the banners use in the event. Courtney at the left and myself at the right.
Bloggers HomeGoods
From left to right: Cathy, Ivy and Susan all bloggers at the designHappy blog from HomeGoods.

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