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Fast and easy camera strap

This was one of those projects I’ve been procrastinating, but finally I taped myself to the chair and in front on my sewing machine. If it weren’t for the beautiful fabric samples I’ve received from the new collection of HGTV (now available on Jo-Ann), most probably this idea of making a camera strap would have been shelved already!
As a warning before I start with this tutorial: “I do not know how to sew”. Having said that (and feeling a lot of relieve) I have to add that indeed this was very easy to do and fun.

The first thing I did was to take out the strap the camera brought so I can measure the length and width of it. I place this strap over the fabric I was about to cut (I’m using for this project Urban Blossom Berry and Checkered Past Berry) and pin it with needles. Before I started to cut, I left approximately 1/4 of an inch on both sides for sewing purposes.

After I finished cutting my first strip, I placed this piece over the other fabric (picture #3) so I can cut both the same size. To add a little pizzazz to the strap, I incorporated a trim (also from the new fabric collection of HGTV on Jo-AnnPleat Twill Cognac). As you can see from picture #4, I pinned it between the two fabric strips but left a bit more to go on the outer side when revered. After I placed everything neatly with the needles, I stared sewing.

Afterwards, I reversed the strap and placed the old one inside the new. To make sure it stayed on its place, I sew it over the ends of the old strap (on the leather part) making sure I folded the fabric in at the ends and tucked them.

I love how the color combination looks and the best part is that this camera strap can be done with almost any type of fabric. This is a great way to give your everyday camera a new and modern look.
Now for a goody,  here is a 15% off coupon from Jo-Ann to be use until tomorrow (May 4, 2013). Print it here or save it to your phone and remember to show it at the register. Enjoy!

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