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Favorite corners around my home

After some minimal styling and a lot courage from me, I dare to show you my quartet of favorite nooks or corners around my home. Hope you like them and feel free to share yours here or on Instagram by tagging me @idknowhowshedoesit.

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1. Master bedroom: Having a huge canvas on the back of the bed  helps to minimize the size of the otherwise boring white wall. This art, an inexpensive acquisition from Ikea, also gives a cozy feeling to the entire room. The quilt (also from Ikea), is ideal because of the neutral colors which makes it easy to combine with other sheets or decorative pillows. The transparency of the side table lamp lets the eye have a direct contact with the canvas on the back. The decorative soft pillows are from HomeGoods as well as the silver plate and wood bowl. The brass tassel is from Target. 2. A mini-garden on the balcony: Since I live in an apartment, the size and distribution can sometimes be a tad daunting. Nevertheless, and taking advantage of my recently discover green thumb, I make good use of the space by planting on wine boxes (crates). This is a practical way to be green and to live a slightly more organic life. 3. Making a focal point: If you go way back on my blog,you’ll recognize this wall in many of my entries. It used to have a chevron pattern, but I frankly got tired. So in comes the dark navy blue, which at the beginning was a little to much for my taste. After styling the ever-changing shelve, I have to confess I fell in love with this color. What I really like about this wall is the way it makes all my decorative items pop, and how the color changes with the natural illumination of the space throughout the day. (I used Twilight Chimes paint from Behr at Home Depot). 4. A huge glass vase: I’ve placed this tall light brown vase from HomeGoods as an accent piece on my room. I sometimes use it alone (like in the photo) but other times I like to put long stemmed flowers to decorate the area. On the right I have two architectural frogs from Pottery Barn and they all are placed over a bench which hides inside all my other sheet sets.

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  • Reply
    Jackie B
    June 17, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Love these corners in your home! I especially love the mini-garden. Outdoor spaces are currently my favorite places to decorate!

  • Reply
    Gloribell Lebrón
    June 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Hello Jackie! I'm so glad to read your feedback and couldn't agree more with you. I love the outdoors but sadly at the moment I live in an apartment, so outdoors is limited to a 6'x3' space (sort off). Still, I really enjoy making the most of it either by placing small plants or some sun lamps. Again, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Have a great day!

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