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Join us on the #8decoshots challenge for the month of June

This month’s 8decoshots (on Instagram) comes with some sea breeze inspiration. On this side of the planet we are in the middle of Summer, so what a better way to celebrate this season than with this . If you are going through the season of Winter, come on and jump in to keep yourself a little warmer. We are starting this next Saturday June 15, 2013; but as always you can join us at anytime, just make sure to do the complete 8 photos. Always remember to use the hashtag #8decoshots and also @yaniralapuerta and myself (@idknowhowshedoesit). Here is the sun-kissed list! (ADVISORY: You might want to use your shades and some sunblock just in case!!!)
Saturday 15: plastic
Sunday 16: zen
Monday 17: concrete
Tuesday 18: souvenir
Wednesday 19: black and white
Thursday 20: rope
Friday 21: sand
Saturday 22: vacation
For those of you who are participating for the first time, this challenge is run on Instagram and all you have to do is submit one photo with the daily theme. The photo must communicate each topic with clarity. Yanira La Puerta (interior designer) and myself will do a daily selection, but at the end we’ll choose an overall winner. Take a peek at passed challenges here to get a clearer idea. Hope to see you there!

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