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I’m a winner of #GiveMeTheArt

Photo from Beautiful Hello Blog (usage permitted by Emily Jeffords)

I recently met via Instagram a talented young lady named Emily Jeffords. On her blog, Beautiful Hello Blog, you will find inspiration everywhere you look. With just one glimpse you will notice how everything is so perfectly design and flawless, so thought through.
On her Instagram account, Emily was having a giveaway called #GiveMeTheArt (I just love that hashtag) in which, in order to participate, one must submit a photo of a wall or shelf around the house where the art she was giving away could be placed.
So guess what?!?! I won!!! And I could be happier! The piece I won is one of her original arts and I can’t wait to show it to you. In the meantime you can go and visit her gorgeous page, Beautiful Hello Blog, to see work or on her Facebook. Pinkie promise you won’t regret it!

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