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2 Waverly yards, 4 projects

In honor of the 90th celebration of Waverly fabrics, I was given the opportunity to participate in the challenge Waverize It!hosted by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. They kindly send me a sample of 2 yards of fabric to work on different projects around the house. When the package arrived, I was so surprised by the modern design on the cloth but mostly because of the bright blues and greens that seemed to pop. I quickly started thinking about the possibilities one can do with this fabric; from updating some items I already have to making new stuff. I was so psyched, I ended up doing not one or two, but four different projects all having the “Back to School” theme to go along.

My first project was updating a decorative pillow with a new envelope cover. On the photo you’ll noticed that I’ve made a quick diagram on how to do this cover. Remember to measure your actual cover an adding 1/4″ around for the hems. To decorate it, I printed a clip-art of a phrenology head (you can find a similar design and more at The Graphics Fairy) on an iron transfer paper (available at Michaels). Since the design had words, I printed it on reverse so when ironed, it can be read correctly.

Before gluing the fabric, I measured the height and diameter of the original shade. To this measurements I also added around 1/4″ for the hem. When applying the glue by parts, I put some around the border and on the skeleton of the original shade (as you’ll see on the last photo).

The second project was to recover an old an boring lamp shade that was in my daughter’s room. With some fabric glue, I cover this shade making sure to pull tightly around so it will look straight.

For the frame with Waverly fabric on the borders, I placed the magnet strips around and then wrapped the frame while pulling and tucking. For the other frame I cover the cork instead of the frame and added some circular studs around the white area.

For the third project I transformed two photo frames into mini cork boards. The interesting fact about one of them was that on the border I used some magnet strips so that my daughter could use her beautiful collection of magnet flowers.

On my last project I made a bunting with some of the colorful Waverly fabric and card stock paper that I already had around. With spray glue I pasted some of the fabric over a fine cardboard and let it dry. After a while, I cut out the triangles and hanged them with some small binder clips. Easy as 1, 2, 3; don’t you think?
With all this projects I still have some fabric to go, so I was thinking on doing a valance for my daughter’s room or even another pillow cover. Let’s see where the Waverize It! fever takes me!

So there you have it! If you want to participate in this wonderful contest for the opportunity to win up to 9 yards of fabric and $250 Jo-Ann gift card, just visit Jo-Ann’s Facebook page to submit your creation. Wishing you the best of luck!

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