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My fall shelf

The little hedgehog (from Target) and the cardboard pumpkin with white flowers from my previous project, are my favorite pieces. Photo: Gloribell Lebron 

Just moving around some things I had around my home and other forage branches laying in a corner, I got the chance to figured out my fall living room “ever-changing shelf” . Though I didn’t want it to me too Halloween-y or autumnal, I played with colors such as amber, browns and oranges. Hope you like it and can get some inspiration from it.

My fall shelf has some old dried branches I found on the street, and a wheat bouquet to add a natural feeling.
Photo: Gloribell Lebron
The cardboard skull (covered with telephone book pages)  and the mini orange pumpkins, are the pieces that speak of the Halloween season. Also, my collection of old brown bottles add a bit of mystery to the scene.
Photo: Gloribell Lebron 

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