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Shadow Type book

Shadow Type” is available on its hardcover edition on Amazon. You can get the paperback on April 1st, 2014.

Before computers, there were very skilled hands and minds that created beautiful and artistic typography. Forget Illustrator or Indesign, these types were created in such a perfectly way that one can only wonder how on Earth can that be done.There were certain decades (40’s-70’s) that really made a huge impact in designing certain styles, like the “shadow typography” which took the sculptural beauty of regular letters to another level adding a dimension to the ordinary.
On the new book “Shadow Type” from Princeton Architectural Press, the examples collected by Steven Heller (leading historian of graphic design) and renowned graphic designer Louise Fili are simply one of a kind. These types, from different eras and styles (Italian, French, German, Art Nouveau, etc.), can serve us to infuse new ideas whether in graphics or in the interiors.

I’ve grouped a series of photography from the web (as I got so inspired by this book!) to show how well it can translate in designing spaces.

1. Typography wallpaper from Pixers. 2. A beautiful wall design inspired in “shadow type” from Artemisia. 3.Block and shadow letters in the for of wallpaper from Wall and Decó. 4. A receiving area in an office with a beautiful “shadow type” work from Marta Cerdà . 5. Door with a hip and modern design from Typography Served. 6. A classic approach to interiors but with a touch of modernism with the typography art on the wall

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    Rocio @ Casa Haus
    January 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Hi Glori! I love typography used in interiors… it's so lovely!

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