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An easy Fall flower arrangement

Sometimes is hard to imagine how simple things can turn into great ones. In this case, a less than happy $3.99 Trader Joe’s bouquet turned out to be a wonderful arrangement. Just this morning I went into the store in search for some cute mini white pumpkins (or should I call them “The Pumpkin-saurus” because they seem rather extinct in this part of the States). I can gladly say that my mission was accomplished plus, among the colorful flowers TJ’s had, I found the last Fall bouquet that somehow looked as if it was waiting for me.
Because it was rather skimpy, I took a long pause to think on ways I can turn this into a nice little accent for our new home. Suddenly I remember that last year I bought a pumpkin glass vase (from HomeGoods) for serving candies, but I never got the chance to use. In went the flowers into my cart!

Easy Fall flower arrangement

When I got home, I placed the flowers over the kitchen counter and while standing there looking at my sad bouquet and glass vase, I started rearranging each stem as if trying to make them look like those beautiful arrangements I stumble with in Pinterest. I have to confess that I know nothing about flower arrangements, yet that didn’t keep me from trying to do something that ended up looking pretty nice.

Easy Fall flower arrangement

Again, I’m not a professional flower artist but in case you were wondering, here is what I did: placing one Ball canning jar inside the pumpkin glass vase I filled the vase with some wood mini disks (from Michaels).Then, I started arranging the green stems first (the ones with leaves) trying to make an imaginary triangle (a bit tilted to one side) to give it some sort of weight. After the form it took convinced me, I started adding the wheat and added to some of the empty spaces. All that I did then was to place the flowers in the remaining spaces. I did so but in small bunches that will balance the weight of the greenery from one of the sides. As for the finishing touches I added the long grass straws and the sunflower.

Easy Fall flower arrangement

Not bad for a rookie like myself! I have to admit that it was a very easy and inexpensive arrangement that brought a pop of color into our home. Do you love to decorate with flowers? What kind of flowers do you mostly use? I would love to know more about you, share your thoughts with me.

Easy Fall flower arrangement

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    Mary Preston
    October 24, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Amazing flower arrangements and they are really easy! Thank you so much for sharing them!

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