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Soft green Fall entryway

A sublime Fall entryway is a must during this season. On my entryway these days you’ll find soft greens mix with metal and to warm these up, I’m using wood and a fresh branch from our patio. A couple of pumpkin sets an Autumnal mood on this area.

Love how the natural illumination coming from the entry door hits the metal and the +HomeGoods mirror and fills our entire living room with a subtle white light. The soft surface of pumpkins seem to light up also adding a special point of interest in this vignette

The reflection of our fireplace looks as if it were an art piece hanging on the wall.

Metal plates add interest to this sideboard setting with a rustic design on the border.
A medium ceramic bowl serves as a display for my small cream colored pumpkins.

How are you decorating during this season? Are you using an specific color palette? Share your thought with me and lets connect. I’m also on Instagram and Facebook.

Hello there! Couldn’t get this picture without me on it. Hahaha! (#cameo)

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