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Light up your patio for the Holidays

Being  new on this whole patio matter, we haven’t decided yet on what types of plants or distribution we would like for this big space. The only thing we know for sure is that we love to come out here at nights and take time for us to contemplate what we’ve achieved so far and talk about our plans for the future. So far we’ve had one hot chocolate night and another S’mores night; Yum! We had so much fun doing new things we’ve never done before as a family.

But we’ve noticed that although at nights this patio has an exquisite atmosphere, it needed to be lighted-up. We have a mango tree that sits on a corner and is in the perfect spot to be decorated. Several of the lamps I saw while doing my research, needed to be connected to an electrical outlet. Since this tree is placed far from any, the only option I had were solar lamps.

On Amazon I found these globe lanterns that are the perfect stylish addition to my tree. These are from Idea Works and I have to say that they are just beautiful. The globe measures around 3″ and the top is in a perfect copper color.
For the trunk of the tree I also found a Solar Powered LED String Light in warm white. A set of 100 bulbs did the trick for our mango.

Next on my list is a shooting star from Grandin Road that hasn’t arrived yet. Can’t wait to place this on my patio too so I can share it in here. Are you decorating your patio for the Holidays? What are you using to light it up?

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