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Rustic, eclectic and vintage style Christmas tree

Rustic, eclectic and vintage is what better describes our Christmas tree decoration. This year’s ornaments are in gold, silver, and copper but in many instances, the worn-out version of these colors. Burlap and cardboard elements are what add a hint of rusticity to the look but also texture to the arrangement. as so the grapevine star (which I bought a long time ago at Target).

Last year’s tree top didn’t worked, so I had a small star mirror around our home (previously adorning on of our walls) which now groups together and completes the style.

These religious inspired ornaments are available at Target.
Metal, mirrors and mercury glass ornaments are some of our beautiful tree accents this year.

Mirror ornaments in the form of cute forest animals and mercury glass balls bring an additional glimmer to the tree.

Metal letters from Michaels add a personal touch to our tree. Each 5 of us has it own initial decorating the tree.
From my +The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge I had some ball ornaments remaining and decided to use them to fill in some spaces around the tree. These came in two different sizes which I love because it created an interesting balance of proportions.

Mr. Nutcracker, always present during this Holidays.

A fiber basket served as my tree base. 

Although I’m still trying to decide which type of style can my tree fall in, I can surely say that I fell in LOVE with my tree’s decor. What style of theme is your tree? Share with me your ideas, I would love to read them.

List of ornaments:
Big mercury glass balls from Target
Small metallic balls from Home Depot
Grapevine stars from Target
Small mercury glass grapes from HomeGoods
Small metallic stars from Ikea
Small metallic letters from Michaels
Burlap ribbon from JoAnn
Metallic colored Nutcrackers from Target
Small metallic colored nuts from HomeGoods
Mirror forest animals from Target
Religious ornaments from Target
Basket as tree base from HomeGoods

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