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Lamp Christmas wreath

Finally I finished this wreath for my dining table lamp! Since I did mine from some remaining branches of my natural Christmas tree, it took me a bit more time than I expected but all worthwhile.
I love my lamp from School House Electric and Supply Co. because its minimalist look goes great with my dinning table. It brings great illumination to this space and everyone that comes to our home always compliment about the beauty of it.
During the Holiday seasons, I love hanging little accents form it to make it stand out even more. But this Christmas I was determined to make a focal point out of it. So in comes the wreath.

All I used were some leftover branches from my Christmas tree, galvanized wire and some ornaments and ribbons to hang. I first placed four branches over the floor in a circular form. Using the wire, I join the branches everywhere they met each other.

Having this as the skeleton of my wreath, I place it over the lamp securing it over its arms using more wire. To make it look plumper, I placed more branches everywhere I saw a space. Each time a branch was added, I made sure it was fasten with wire.

The finishing touches of my wreath were some ornaments I had at hand from the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge and others that I made.

To hang these beautiful ornaments I use a green ribbon and a cork one I found at Michaels.

The plastic transparent ornament in this wreath are from JoAnn and I just place some tiny pine cones inside of them. I also used smaller ones but instead I used sawdust for an added rustic look. 
I love how beautiful this looks during the day and at night the three light bulbs on the lamp brings a very special color to this wreath. Although I know this accent is near electricity, I’ll try to keep this lamp off just in case. We don’t want to bring the house down!

Keep enjoying the Holidays!!!!

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