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Recycled wood Christmas tree

I’m a strong believer of the phrase “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. So when my dear cousin send me these beautiful set of recycle wood Christmas trees, I knew I had to do something special to show how easy one can transform a simple item into a powerful and merry statement to reinforce such an important movement.
These trees measure around 8″ each, but Eco•shapes has them in many different sizes (Including a big one measuring 4′). You can order your own through this page.

For my little tree I just wrapped around a Eucalyptus branch (from Hobby Lobby) and a small metallic garland from Martha Stewart I bought a few months back. After securing each part on the back of the tree with staples and tape, I proceeded to make the base using wood disks with a strong glue.
While I waited for that base to dry, I cut some smaller pieces of wood disks that will turned to be tiny bases to put some small ornaments.

To do so I use the Black and Decker jigsaw to cut these pieces in half. Since these are small disks, I fasten them to a bigger board with a clamp so I didn’t cut myself. A sandpaper help me to level and soften the part I just cut.

After gluing these pieces to the mini•tree, and placing some mini pine cones as ornaments, I had myself the most beautiful Recycled wood Christmas tree EVER!

You can find Eco•shapes trees on Facebook, Instagram and on Brands of Puerto Rico. Hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

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