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All you’ll need is tape for the perfect arrangement

I love flowers and now that we are all in Spring they are a must in almost every home. Bright ones are an instant pick me up in a bouquet. The other day I found mine at Whole Foods where I ended up buying two different packs to mix at home.

A while ago I bought a porcelain pitcher at HomeGoods and it’s been used more than any other vase around our home. It’s the perfect size and the form makes it look so elegant. For this bouquet I used some tape over the mouth of this pitcher to create a grid that will help me accommodate each flower.

The idea behind this is to create a more balanced arrangement while helping the flowers to stay in place. After placing the big flowers first, the blank spaces left were filled with the smaller buds. Once all the flowers were accommodated, I used the leaves to add the final touches again filling in any space noticeable.

I have to say that this old tape trick is really a miracle when making a simple flower arrangements by a non-professional like myself. Hope you enjoy this quick and easy tutorial and let me know if you have other tricks when making your own arrangement.

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