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An entrance with a rustic charm

An entrance with a rustic charm

Around here there’s always a list of “to-do-things” to our new/old home: paint the baseboards, redo the driveway, change the windows, expand…. and this list goes on and on for months or even years. It is a never ending story! One of the things that has always been a concern to me was the small receiving area of our entrance.

An entrance with a rustic charm
A before and before the actual photo.

Like a said before, we live in a 1938 fixer-upper and most of the houses in this neighborhood were build for vacationing. Because of this fact most of them are very small (ours is 1,300 sq feet) and have only the basic features.

An entrance with a rustic charm
Small rustic planter from Isaac Farms, tall planter from +HomeGoods , bell from +Cost Plus World Market .

Our entrance is the very first place were there’s evidence of the compact size of our abode. Taking aside the charm of our entrance, this area lacks of an inviting look and it’s one of those things that has always been in our eternal “to-do-list”. So I added some rustic accents and updated it; needless to say that plants were mandatory here.

An entrance with a rustic charm
The end result makes me very happy each time I come and go into the house.

Although we are far from finishing this area (and others), for now I’m very happy with the welcoming vibe it has. Now I need an outdoor fixture to go with this entrance.
Is your entrance an important issue on your “to-do-list” or do you love it as it is? Share your thoughts with me.

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    Janine Waite
    August 9, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    I love what you have added to your beautiful entrance! It warms it up so nicely!

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