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Why you’ll start dressing your walls with art

When it comes to selecting a piece of art, for me it has to speak for itself. No matter the size, art can put a face of drama, it can bring a subtle mesmerizing feeling or even a sense of happiness every time you look at it. No matter your perception, one thing is for sure; art always creates a statement and it dresses your walls in an eloquent yet elegant way.
Recently I was asked by the great people of Top Art to pick a piece of art from their monumental collection. I was so impressed with all the great choices and ended up choosing a stretched canvas from the artist Michelle Oppenheimer, called Intense. Her work is characterized by simple titles that will allow the person to freely interpret and reason each piece individually without her influencing ones opinion.

Intense to me is a strong and dramatic approach to neutrality. While there are people who might think that using a neutral palette can result into a boring design; I think that by adding textures and playing up with form can add interest. And Michelle does exactly that in this specific piece.
I love how there’s a tension between the perpendicular strokes yet the tension seems to dissipate into the soft grays. There’s also an element of surprise; foot prints of both a human and an animal are present in this canvas.

I will not bore you with my analysis but the truth is that this piece of art dresses to perfection my wall. It is what seals this room almost monochromatic theme in a dramatic and elegant way.
Will you add drama or will soft strokes dress your walls? Pick your choice!

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