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Upgrade the look of your patio with these 5 tips

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

This is the first time we are living in a house as a family. Before this, we use to live on a condo where all we had to call outdoors was a 6’x3′ balcony. Nevertheless, I used this area for my plants and even dare to create a succulent edge while living there (which I shared on the Home Depot blog as part of my Patio Style Challenge a while back).
Now that we have a a big green area we call patio, gardening hasn’t come easy being first timers. Some trees have died, probably of too much or to little water (we really don’t know); others have strive and succeeded in adapting to our backyard. But every little plant or seed we’ve planted, it’s been with lots of love and hopes.
Beautifying this area also has been a journey full of learning and lots of great moments. And today I’m sharing 5 things that had made a great difference on our backyard.

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

1. Hanging pots:
By creating a wall of long wood board we were able to elongate the look of this area. But if felt empty and boring all by itself. I found at Amazon some incredible hooks that allowed me to hang several small terracotta planters with my favorite plants, the succulents. Se other photos of this wall here.

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

2. Concrete pavers:
I don’t know why we I didn’t think of using these before. We placed them in an area that used to be damp and where grass never grew. These concrete pavers besides making this area useful now, they look good and can be arranged in different patterns.

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

3. Planters:
Not much to say here except that I prefer to make a statement with them by using big concrete planters with an old look.

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

4. Plant edging:
Like the one that I made while living in the condo, plant edging has been to me a favorite way to enhance an area. I use several sizes of plants and rocks to add interest in the setting.

5 tips to upgrade a patio look

5. Outdoor lighting:
By hanging around some string lights, we created an inviting atmosphere at nights. It sets a relaxed mood and brings in enough lighting to the conversation areas. To define the edges, we also used a low voltage path lighting very easy to install.
There are lots of other things we’ve done to make this outdoor area more inviting but for me, these are the ones that had created a big impact in the whole outdoor space. Still there are many projects we would like to start (one of them being a pergola), but for now this area makes us very happy but most of all, it makes our friends feel welcome and at home!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our patio photos and ideas; and remember you can always see more of this and other projects besides my decor style on my Instagram account @knowhowshedoesit.

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