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A dispenser and flower vase, all-in-one

I found these amazing flowers at Miami Flower Market. Love their selection and their beautiful space.
I’ve always loved making centerpieces. They add to the dinner table interest while stating a certain mood or look to the entire decor. A while back I found from BHG at Walmart a beautiful glass pumpkin dispenser (available only at stores) and thought this would make a great accent in my upcoming tablescape. 
This piece would make a perfect flower vase, but by doing so, I would’ve taken away its dispenser purpose which I wanted to use as well. So I figured a way to make the most out of this pumpkin, no magic wand needed! 
First I had to look for a glass vase that will perfectly fit inside the dispenser. Lucky for me I already had one from an old gift and it was the perfect match. I used this vase to set up my flower arrangement and after playing around with it, I decided it was time to place it inside the dispenser. 
Before I did so, I clean out the outer part of the vase making sure that it wouldn’t have any trace of flowers or dirt. 
On the dispenser I pour drinking water up its center and place some plastic wrap outside around its opening. Making a slit on the top of the plastic with a knife, I was able to make an opening that would allow me to carefully place the flower vase inside the dispenser. 
After this, I hid the remaining plastic around the vase to secure the dispenser from any falling leaf. I placed the entire arrangement over a cake stand so water can be serve without any difficulty.
This simple cake stand from +HomeGoods it’s all this flower arrangement needed for a final touch.
This piece resulted in having a dual-purpose both as a decorative accessory as well as the perfect water/juice dispenser for any party. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed this simple tutorial and as always, I would love to read your thoughts. 

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    Jade Graham
    October 24, 2016 at 5:57 pm

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