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Home office style within a budget

Home Office within a budget

Lately home offices have been a strong trend. No matter their size, they should all provide a comfortable and functional space for working. This room or corner in the home should always include a personal touch that will creates a welcoming atmosphere.
Depending on the line of work, home offices should include some basic elements that will help out with the daily tasks. Some of my recommendations are: storage, good lighting, a comfortable chair, decorative accessories that will inspired you and some natural element (plants, small fountains).
Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client’s home office that previously served as a guest room. One of her special requests was to have some space where she can store all her books and craft supplies. She also wanted to display part of her impressive vintage camera collection somewhere around this room.

Home Office within a budget

This space enjoyed the privilege of receiving natural light throughout most of the day but also had a large window right in front of the entrance that I used as a focal point. With this as my starting point, I created a symmetrical scheme to provide a visual impact right from the beginning.
To frame this window I used two Ikea “Gersby” bookcases that also were great for displaying my clients personal accessories and her cameras. I also added some beautiful boxes from HomeGoods that concealed some of my client’s scrapbooking tools.

Home Office within a budget
Always try display your collections on shelves to generate interest and to personalized the space.  

Another budget friendly alternative was the the desk. This amazing piece of furniture from Overstock have multiple shelves and drawers for storing anything from a small printer to paper stock. I’ts size was perfect for this room besides been crafted from certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels; a super plus!

Home Office within a budget

A gray color rug from BHG at Walmart served as an anchor for this entire room and also defined once more the center and focal point of the space.

Although there are some details that are still a work in progress, this office space is ready and open for business. The best part is that we were able to stay withing a budget without sacrificing my client’s style and taste.
Hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas and make sure to stay tuned for the big reveal. 
If you live in the Miami area and need an interior decorating consult, let me know, I can help you! Send me an email to

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