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Give a natural look to an artificial wreath

Give a natural look to an artificial wreath

This post was sponsored by the King of Christmas. All the opinions included are mine

Wreath are one of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas. They are the first thing that greets our families and friends and I like setting a style or mood starting from here.

This year King of Christmas sent me a 24″ King Fraser Fir Wreath With 70 LED Lights that was operated with batteries and that had a timer. What?!?!? A timer… Now I know this beauty will last for hours; that is, late hours. Not having to turn of the light was such a plus!
The King Fraser Fir Wreath had such a great construction, and after fluffing it, I decided to add a couple of natural elements just to enhance its beauty.

Give a natural look to an artificial wreath

I found at Trader Joe’s a bunch of eucalyptus branches for just $2.99 and it came with two different types of leaves. I just cut a couple of them and inserted each branch in between some of the Fraser fir branches making sure they went through the wire of the wreath. 
Give a natural look to an artificial wreath
After a couple of tucking, I ended up with a beautiful wreath with just the right touch of natural elements. Once I hung it over my door, I added three small branches form a Magnolia tree we have on our backyard. This added another layer of color and texture and the brown of the Magnolia really stood out.

Give a natural look to an artificial wreath

I love how these small additions to the wreath makes it extra special. It goes to show that sometimes a little bit goes a long way. Hope you enjoyed this simple tip for making the most out of your artificial wreath. What other tips will you like to share?

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