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5 tips to style your Holiday dinner table

 Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities are fast approaching, trying to keep up with all the details and arrangements can be overwhelming. But before you hit the panic button, take a deep breath and read these five tips to help you style your dinner table to help you ease at least one of the many dilemmas that the Holidays can bring.
These tips are part of an Instagram series called #iCanHelpYouStyle in which some of my most talented blogger friends will be sharing some ideas and great insights on how to style different parts of your home. This time around we will help you style your “dinner table” just in time for the Holidays. Remember to follow along these guys for some of the best ideas:

I Don’t Know How She Does It

A simple pear tree ornament (from +HomeGoods) and a piece of pine tree branch is all I needed to create a striking decoration over the fabric napkins.

Choose your concept: Either a color, a form or simply an object; choosing the theme or concept for your dinner table will make its arrangement so much easier. I love starting my tables by choosing the accessory that will decorate my dinner plates. For my Christmas table I chose an old pear ornament set that seems to be decorated with tiny beads. The background color and its texture were the starting point for my inspiration.

Crate a centerpiece: The centerpiece of a table doesn’t have to be complicated. Setting a beautiful flower arrangement (flowers can be from the grocery store), or like in this setting, a group of similar accessories in different heights; will bring interest to your table.

The collection of mercury glass Christmas tree (some from HomeGoods and the lit ones from Grandin Road) create an simple yet interesting centerpiece with their reflective surface.

Balance: I like setting the centerpiece of the table with a certain symmetry. By repeating objects in both sides I will create order and a more pleasant look throughout.

Either during the day or through the night, candles always bring in a special ambiance over the dinner table.

Ambiance: Candles are my to-go accent when creating ambiance in my dinner table. I can lit them during the day for a softer look but specially at night for that romantic and warm feeling.Combine plates: Since we live in a small house, space for storing seasonal dinnerware sets is limited. Instead I like combing the plates I already have. This is always something that will generate a more collected look for those of you that enjoy a relaxed decor.

Hope these five tips for styling your dinner table for the Holidays come in handy. Don’t forget to visit my friends to get one tip from each of them daily through the week of December 12-16. Have a Merry Christmas!

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