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Festive table setting in a snap

This year we’re celebrating New Year’s Eve with our daughters and my father who’s visiting us for the Holidays. Since this is not going to be a big event, we’re planning on doing a nice dinner and afterwards let the girls stay up late to see the fireworks. Nothing fancy or unusual for many of us, right!
But one thing that I wanted to make special was my dinner table setting. And today I will be sharing my top tips for making a simple and festive dinner table in a snap.
Flowers: For that added natural and fresh look, I love placing an arrangement as a centerpiece. This time they will represent the idea of starting a new and fresh year full of hope (flowers are from Trader Joes).
Gold accessories: I love the sparkle and glamour they add to the setting. But above all, this color represents prosperity and I know it doesn’t hurt wishing  a bit of this upon all of us.
Sweets: I found these delicious chocolates at +HomeGoods and boy where they cute as well! They added a pinch of sweetness to the setting while reminding us how sweet life can be.
Initials: I found these Sugar Paper® Metal Monogram Gift Topper at +Target  and fell in love with them. Initially they were going on my tree, but then I thought of placing them as ornaments to identify each sitting place. Talk about multi-purpose!

Mixing textures will add interest in your setting. I found a beautiful muted velvet runner at HomeGoods and it was the perfect canvas to make my mix of dinner plates standout.

Textures and patterns: I love textures! And just a quick glimpse into my Instagram account will show you how I’ve made my own mission to mix them with patterns around my decor. For this festive setting I mixed the salad plate with an interesting gold texture around the rim (from +HomeGoods), with a simple white dinner plate. To complete this setting, I placed both over a golden plastic charger also from HomeGoods (which I previously spray painted). To enhance the gold even more, I used a small bowl on top with two different patterns, alternating them around the table.
I’m sure these small details will make our small celebration extra special. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Some links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link

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