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Summer swingasan deck dreams

A couple of days ago I bought one of those tropical oval swings properly called “Swingasan” at a near HomeGoods here in Miami. I have to admit that it wasn’t “love at first”; but to tell you the truth, the more I saw it at stores and almost everywhere in social media, the more I wanted it. See how powerful social media can sometimes be!
Anyway, when I finally decided it was time to pursuit my “Swingasan” dreams, I struck with the ugly reality of not finding the one that I wanted. After touring around 7-8 stores, I found my prince “Swingasan” waiting for me. I was so excited that I even uploaded an Instagram stories of me doing a happy dance… me of all people!
So once home we hanged it from our mango tree and I sat for quite some time. While I was there I felt this area needed an upgrade to enhance our new acquisition. So I came up with a plan; how about we build a small deck under our mango tree where the girls can play or a place where I can come and meditate?!? I couldn’t stop thinking about this and even started sketching out a plan.
Kids house

I really enjoyed watching these little ones playing in their house. It brings me tears to see them this little!

This area under the tree gave shelter to our girl’s wood doll house for a couple of year. We bought this little chateau about two years ago but it wasn’t of good quality. Time and the rough weather here in Miami took the best of their wooden “palace” and we had to dispose of it. I really felt devastated with the decision because, although that little house was a mess, my girls loved it and really made used of it.

Mango tree with kids house

Just before I took the decision of taking out the house, you can see how deteriorated it was. Part of the roof was just hanging and it already had lost the front door and part of the side bench.

Now that we have this swing, I thought that the idea of a floor underneath would allow the girls to think of this area as a bigger house under the tree (sans the roof). They can certainly take their toys out and play pretend. I can always provide some pillows for their comfort and for when I’m out meditating.

Wood deck proposal

This quick computer sketch gives me a better idea of the proportion of the deck and how it will look overall.

My plans are to build a 10’x14’ wood deck and to plant on both the back sides of this structure. Also, and as you might already be wondering, some garden containers will be added to some of the corner of this deck.
Here are some of the inspirational ideas I found at Pinterest.
Wood deck under tree

Photo: Leroy Merlin

Wood deck under tree

Photo: Onyx IV

Although the idea seems to be simple, there are some details that I know will slow this process. I just can’t wait to start sharing the progress. Don’t forget you can always stay up-to-date with me over at my Instagram account @idknowhowshedoesit.
What plants would you recommend me to use around this shaded area? Would love to read your recommendations.

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