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Shelves Styling with navy color.

4 simple tips to style your shelves with confidence

We’ve all been there! That moment when you start to sweat while your eyes are stuck staring at those wall shelves and suddenly you think to yourself “What the fudge am I going to put there?”…Before you star panicking and decide to abort the “shelfie mission”, I’ll try to throw some light over this decor dilemma. Believe me, you are not alone!
Shelves Styling with navy color

1.Think big: Either a framed photograph or art, I always start with this piece. Now that you have a blank canvas, a large framed piece will ease the work on the rest of the shelves by filling in a great chunk of the area. This will give you a better idea on where should you move next.
You can also use more than one large piece and include similar sizes in different shelves . Over in my shelves I used a +HomeGoods large print in the center shelf and smaller framed photos on the rest of them.

2. Create rhythm: After gathering all the vases that were to be used over my shelves , I started organizing them by sizes. I then dived them in sets of threes; making sure that in each set there were 3 different sizes (probably large, medium and small).

3. Books: Maybe it’s the most obvious thing to use over the shelves ; but try to stay away from the simple vertical arrangement method. Add interest by laying down some of the books and even placing over some of these a small piece of art or a cute ceramic accessory.

4. Plants: I can’t stress enough how important it is to always bring some natural elements into the decor. By doing so, you help the area feel more relaxed while adding a touch of color and an organic look. It doesn’t have to be a big plant, but make sure that the one you choose is apt for the area.

After these tips and a couple of session of breathing in and out (for several times), I’m pretty sure you’re going to end up with a shelf setting that will make you feel happier and less stressed. Hope these simple tips for styling your shelves were helpful and let me know how it all went.

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