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Bedroom and living room get a refresh from afar

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One of the many satisfactions that this career of interior decorating brings is being able to create a dreamed space for my friend. The surprise factor is always another thing I always look forward when working on a room or the entire home.

This time around I had the privilege to help a longtime friend with some decor dilemmas that she had at her home. This was an amazing opportunity to incorporate accessories from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

My sweet friend lives far from my home, so in order to start working with her rooms, she sent over some photos of them and I started brainstorming and sketching. After my design plan was finished and approved by my friend, I order some of the items online while others I was able to find at stores. For the final installation I surprise my friend with my visit and I could not explain her face when she saw me!

The serene master bedroom:

Depending on the size a bedroom, these can sometimes feel overwhelming to some people. I was able to work this room by dividing it 3 sections: everyday storage, bed, and a sitting area.

We moved the chest of drawers to a new spot in-between the windows and added some wall art to enhance the view starting from the entrance to the room. Also it is convenient to have this piece of furniture closer to the master bathroom.

For the bed the beautiful Irongate 5 piece comforter set from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart., was just perfect in color and style to create a serene atmosphere. I mixed this comforter with some toss pillows also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. These were the Moroccan and Fox Cut Fur.

The night table lamps also got an upgrade. I added two Artisan Glass lamp tables from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. to provide a lighter view over the dark tables.

I can say that with these two simple changes the room was starting to take an impressive change. But, because I knew my friend and her husband love to work with their laptops while on the bed, I decided on provide a sitting area.

For this area I found two very comfortable Porter chairs in gray also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. I was able to buy these two at stores but you can find the blue color online.

My friend had a bunch of books all scattered around her bedroom. So for this task I provided her with the Parker 3 shelves bookcase which was just the perfect size for this area. After styling it with some accessories she already owned, this room was ready!

A welcoming statement:

The living room of this beautiful residence just needed a couple of changes. I added here another accent chair (the Porter chair), for the sofa some toss pillows (the Moroccan and Fox Cut Fur) and another beautiful Artisan Glass lamp tables all from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

These accessories proofed how incredibly well they could be use on several areas in the home.

My friend LOVED these two redecorated areas! After this, we might be doing more rooms. Stay tuned!

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