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Bring warmth into your fall decor

I’m so honored to be part of the HomeGoods Entushiast Pinterest board where, as a blogger, I’ve received compensation by HomeGoods. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

A couple of weeks ago I started looking for some accessories that would bring in a fall look into the decor. As you may all know, I’m always attracted to simple styles that can delicately speak of a season. But I also love when these pieces can very well work year-round. Here are 4 great finds from HomeGoods and that will help you in bringing in warmth into your fall decor.

Light up the room:
Fall means comfort and bringing that feeling into your home is as easy as lighting up a candle. Scented ones add another level of warmth and you can always fashioned the fragrance to your taste. From white pumpkin to apple pie, sky is the limit when it comes to scented candles.
I also take into consideration the vessels because after it’s burned down, it can easily be reused to store away jewelry, cottons for the bathroom, etc.
You can also create a similar atmosphere with battery operated candle because these can also bring in that soft light effect. I found at HomeGoods a beautiful hurricane vase with an opaque surface that enhances the light of these types of candles. This piece makes the perfect accessory for bringing that fall look into the bedroom.

Rock the look:
Rocks are excellent pieces for creating a stylish statement. They come in a variety of colors and some of them are believed to have healing properties. On this room I used two framed agate slabs which I found at HomeGoods. The gray color provides a soothing sensation but, because they are natural elements, they also bring warmth into the decor.

Silk or natural:
When decorating and setting a welcoming look in a bedroom, specially on guestrooms, it really doesn’t matter which way you go. Flowers are a special way to make others feel at home and to bring in texture into the decor. You can create a statement that speaks about your style by choosing a beautiful vase. I love this set of silk flowers inside a tribal-inspired vase that I found at HomeGoods. A great way to say “welcome”!

Inexpensive luxury:
There’s nothing better that a soft decorative pillow. Fabrics such as velvet are a great way to start incorporating fall into your decor and also a perfect item for transitional seasons. I mixed these brown pillows with the ones that I already own to enhance texture an to create a warm feeling. Choosing velvet for some items in your decor will give you that luxury look and you’ll find at HomeGoods some beautiful and affordable options!

As you can see, getting ready for fall and bringing warmth into your decor is a breeze. Just remember to choose pieces that speak to your home’s style.

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