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If I knew a bar cart could be so versatile, I would’ve bought one years ago! Now that I finally own one, I feel coming late to this party. All the excitement about having this new toy got me thinking on ways I could make the most out of it. Of course, bar carts are the life of the party since having drinks close by works wonders; specially on Fridays. But, how about other uses for when the party is over and the drinks are long gone? Here are 3 ways you can use and style your bar cart.

Drink O’clock Cart:

We all know about these types of carts. But how about we raise its style with some amazing accessories (like adding bling-bling to the bar cart).

Bar Cart Side

1.Start by choosing a cool ice bucket. Its style will definitively be in line with your bar cart, and for mine I chose this acrylic round piece with a beautiful mid century modern vibe. (found at HomeGoods)

Round ice bucket

2. I’m planning on surprising my guest with a special drink and these cocktail infusion kits will do just that. I just need to add wine, vodka or rum and let it sit for 2 day. Don’t they sound delicious? (found at HomeGoods)

Cocktail infusion kit

3. While ice can last that long, how about these hand polished stainless steel whiskey cubes. No more watered Old Fashions!  (found at HomeGoods)

Stainless steel Whiskey cubes

4. I used a beautiful art-deco cheese board (found at HomeGoods) to put the whiskey glasses and a brass tray for the wine ones.

Art Deco cheese tray Wine Glasses Bar Cart

5. Don’t forget to add some greenery. I used a bunch of branches that had that Christmas vibe.

Drinks Bar Cart

Yummy Cart:

I have to confess; I think I’ve gained a couple of pounds while working on it. But it’s definitively one of my favorite ideas for uses on bar carts. Can you believe I found all these sweets (except the candy canes) at HomeGoods!!!

Sweets bar cart 5

1. I’ve had these vintage inspired apothecary vases for a while and have used them in many scenarios. On this bar cart, they are great for storing cookies and popcorn. Love how all these textures look together.

Sweets bar cart 4

2. On a dessert cart, hot cocoa is a most. At HomeGoods I found a set of six different flavors and the perfect machine to make them (and that it can also froth the milk!). After making the hot cocoa, this machine will keep it warm for a while.

hot cocoa mi Hot cocoa bar cart

3. To decorate the bar cart, I just added some beautiful mini houses (which are actually tree ornaments) and mercury glass trees to bring a cheery look. (found at HomeGoods)

Cookies bar cart Sweets bar cart 3

Dress that Gift Cart:

How about having a place where we can put all that tape, labels, scissor, wrapping paper etc. for when we’re ready to start wrapping those Christmas gifts? The best part is that this wrapping station can be moved from one room to another in a snap.

gift wrapping station bar cart

1.Inside a small acrylic container (found at HomeGoods), I placed all my labels, tape, pens etc. This was such a convenient piece and it saves space and keeps all the little pieces organized.

gift labels caddy

2. I love the selection of ribbons from HomeGoods has for these Holidays. My favorite ones in velvet and with bells add just the right dose of whimsy to this gift wrapping station bar cart.

Christmas ribbons and labels

3. The little golden Santa Clause figure is a cute detail in my cart.

gift wrapping station bar cart 2

4. I used the bottom part of my cart to store big bags and accessories, in addition to my beautiful wrapping paper.

gift wrapping station bar cart 3

As you can see, it was so much fun coming up with these ideas and to know how many incredible ways there are to make the most out of a bar cart. Now, just remember that after all that wine has ended, there’s still life and use for your bar cart. How do you use yours?


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    November 11, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Oh thank you for these bar cart options! Just what I was looking for.

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