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Magnolia leaves as table centerpiece 1
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7 ideas on how to use Magnolia leaves

I’ve always been fascinated by the colors of the Magnolia leaves. Ever since we moved to our house in Florida I wanted to plant several of these trees and enjoy its foliage and beautiful flowers. Last year I added a Magnolia garland to our historical mantle (you can see how it turned out here). And while doing some research on places to buy these fresh garlands I found The Magnolia Company. I was so in love with the 10′ garland; its size color and freshness were just perfect!

Because of my passion for this beautiful tree, the incredible people at The Magnolia Company sent me some of their amazing products. And today I’m sharing 7 ideas on how to add Magnolia everything throughout your home.

Magnolia leaves back chair decor

Adorn your chairs

Having guests over for Thanksgiving? Keep things simple and add a couple of Magnolia leaves with a mix of Juniper and Carolina Sapphire greenery. I use florist wire and twine to keep this little arrangement together.

Magnolia leaves back chair decor 3 Magnolia leaves back chair decor 2

Create a fresh centerpiece

After gathering some Juniper and Carolina Sapphire greenery in a garland (the video shows a similar garland), I added some Magnolia leaves in different sizes and showing both front and back sides. This way the garland comes to life with the variety of greens and the pop of the suede-like brown color.

Magnolia leaves as table centerpiece 2

Set your entryway with a bunch

Setting a bunch of Magnolia branches on the entryway creates an instant focal point. Since I’m a lover of simple things, a white antique vase worked perfectly for this arrangement.

Magnolia leaves entryway arrangement

Over the mantle

The Magnolia Company Gold Lacquered Wreath is simply astonishing. By itself, this piece brings elegance into the decor. I love how beautifully it pairs with the 10′ Fresh Golden Woodland Garland making this sitting area my favorite for this season.

Magnolia leaves mantle decor 2 Magnolia leaves mantle decor 1

Complement an existing wreath

For the door wreath I love adding Magnolia leaves to make it look fuller and alive. Again, I pinch in several leaves using both sides to generate impact.

Magnolia leaves fuller wreath 2 Magnolia leaves fuller wreath

Beautiful detail for place settings

With a chalk marker you can easily write the name of your guests on the green side of a Magnolia leave. Adding this beautiful detail will have everyone in awe with your table.

Magnolia leaves place settings

Take it outside

Over our outdoor bar cart, I love placing a simple arrangement. Gathering some greens always works magic but to take it to the next level, a couple of Magnolia branches will do the trick.

Magnolia leaves outdoor foliage arragement

As you can see these are easy ways anyone can incorporate this beautiful leaf into the home decor. The color of the Magnolia leaves, either in arrangements or by itself, makes it perfect for any style type of style. Have you use it in your home?

I’m so grateful to The Magnolia Company for sending over some amazing products. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products you can always follow them on FacebookPinterest and Instagram.

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