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Christmas tree basket ideas and tips natural fiber 2

Christmas tree basket ideas and tips

I remember when I was a little kid, back in the late 70’s early 80’s,  my mom used to set the tree with so much pride. Imagine back then the accessories that those decades had to offer for Christmas; metallic tinsel strips, anyone?!?! If my memory serves me correctly, she also loved to make my brother and I stand in front of the tree just to take us a picture. Although those were good times, I think we can all agree that those were not good posterity pictures. Now that times have changed (TG!), it is important to remember that not only what you dress your Christmas tree with plays an important role, but also what you place on the bottom as well.

Christmas tree basket tip wire and burlap 1

Christmas tree basket ideas and tips (chose your natural fiber favorite):

Let’s list those Christmas tree basket ideas and tips

Through the years I’ve tested many formulas: the skirt, the “hide-the-stand-behind-gifts”, just to name a few. But the only thing that has made several triumphant comebacks has been the basket. This very common accessory comes in may sizes and styles, and for me it always brings that sense of belonging into the Christmas scenery. It is almost like a big plant pot, for my big “Christmas plant”!

Christmas tree basket tip wire and burlap 2

Christmas tree basket ideas and tips (for those wire lovers):

If you are into baskets, like I’ve been like in “forever”  years, these Christmas tree basket ideas and tips are you. When choosing one for your tree, take these tips into consideration:

  • Measure the bottom of your tree stand (width) and add 1″-2″ so that the border has enough room. This will prevent your tree from tilting and falling.
  • Choose a basket with a flat bottom, not a concave one. This will keep your tree straight (again, not tilted).
  • If your tree is a real one, check to see if the basket is high enough to hide the stand, but not so that it will prevent you from watering it.
  • If you do water your tree, keep in mind that some water might accidentally spill in the basket. To avoid this try using a watering can with a long neck.
  • Always chose a style (color and texture) of basket that goes with the rest of your decor and/or Christmas tree accessories.
  • When buying a new basket for your tree, think on ways you can later make use of it. This will extend its life and you’ll get a value for your money!
  • If undecided, chose natural fiber baskets. The texture and color of rattan or even seagrass are great options and go well with almost every style.

Christmas tree basket tip cube natural fiber

Christmas tree basket ideas and tips (if hand-made is your thing!):

Thinking out of the box can sometimes bring great results, and choosing a Christmas tree basket is one example. The possibilities are endless when using this everyday accessories and you can always find one that will speak to your style. Have you used a basket for your tree before? Come see my newest basket on my Instagram account @knowhowshedoesit.

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