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Christmas Gifts

Last minute personalized gift and wrapping options

I’m so honored to be part of the HomeGoods Entushiast Pinterest board where, as a blogger, I’ve received compensation by HomeGoods. The opinions stated in the “Last minute personalized gift and wrapping options” post are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram.

Gift giving season calls for extra attention to details. I am one of those people who truly appreciate a beautifully wrapped surprise, sometimes even more than what’s inside. Why, you may all be asking? Simply because it says a lot about the time and effort that person put into the gift. While there are only 12 days until Christmas, these last minute personalized gift and wrapping options are here to safe your season!

Personalized gift for the bearded business man

This type of guy is one part hipster and one part elegant. He needs both traveling pouch and tablet case to be made of leather. A polishing kit for his shoes is a must and of course, a beard oil (these last two from T.J. Maxx). Don’t forget to wrap his gift with just the right touch of classic style mixed with modern (box and dark green velvet ribbon from HomeGoods)

For the hostess of all types of party

Say “cheese”… I mean, “cheese board”. Choose marble for the win, with a string of gold. Add some cheese serving utensils and a beautiful ceramic feather wine cork (with a golden tip, of course!) to accessorized the cheese boards. Red ribbon and a detailed bag speak of the hostess who’s the life of the party.

For the four legged barking friend

They love us as much as we love them. For my sweet Bella I’ve found at HomeGoods the most beautiful Christmas stocking. Inside I placed some cookies and a natural dog shampoo. I bet the squeaking deer toy is going to be her favorite part of this surprise.

For the Mr. or Mrs. Planning

We all have that one friend that loves to plan ahead everything. For the “Let’s schedule a play-date” and the “Pilates on Monday at 5”, I’ve chosen an assortment of agendas, notepads and notebooks that will have her/him busy for days!

From tags to bags

At HomeGoods I found a variety of tags. The red and green doors, stickers with fun messages and mini wreath were all from the Christmas section at the store. But let’s think out of the box; how about a ginger cookie with the face of Mr. Claus? You can always write on its back a message with edible ink markers. Another great find were Christmas cookie cutters. You can write on the outer side a short message along with the “To” and “From”. Don’t forget to use permanent markers for these.

Gift cards are another great way you can always surprise your friends and loved ones. These cute polar bear were one of my favorite finds at HomeGoods. I placed it over a gift bag (also from the store) with a beautiful simple birch design. It seems as if these two were made for each other.

The selection of HomeGoods was incredible. The gift bags were so beautiful and I love how detailed were their designs. I enhance the look of some of these with ribbons that I also found at the store.

Investing time in a beautiful gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself. Paying attention to details and to your selection of gifts will make the event a memorable one. Hope these last minute personalized gift wrapping options will will ease the stress of the season. Happy “wrapping-days”!

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