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Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper 2
Christmas DIY Gifts

Personalized gift wrapping paper ideas

The time has come to get all those Christmas gifts ready and wrapped. But really, who isn’t running late for this task? To help you out, today I’m sharing an affordable way to personalized your gift wrapping paper with some simple materials you might have at your home. I used on this tutorial masking paper but I would suggest to try kraft paper instead. I also used black, metallic and chalk markers besides some twine and ribbons.

Monogrammed gift wrapping paper:

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper Monogram 1

This was my favorite personalized gift wrapping paper to make. I first started by dividing the paper into a grid. On each square using a pencil I drew the letter E  (which stands for Emma, my eldest daughter) using different lettering techniques. I added some additional designs like string lights, etc and then trace everything with a chalk marker. To finalized this gift I used twine and some olive and rosemary clippings from my backyard.

A design that invites you to open it

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper Door 1Personalized Gift Wrapping Door 3Personalized Gift Wrapping Door 2

This idea is perfect for small gifts. After wrapping the box I drew a vintage door on it. You can find various styles on Pinterest. After finishing the drawing, I made a tiny wreath from some greenery I had home and wrapped it around with twine. Love how it makes this little door feel so real.

Written in the stars:

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper Constellation 1Personalized Gift Wrapping Constellation 2

On a large piece of kraft paper I drew with pencil my version of the constellation. Afterwards I traced everything with a permanent black marker and use the metallic ones in some areas. To add some details I used gold glitter with glue. To make it even better you can always enhance the persons zodiac sign with a different color.  After everything was set and dry, I  used watered acrylic paint and splatter it all over the paper creating the illusion of distant stars. To finish wrapping this gift I just used a gold glittered ribbon.

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper 1

These personalized gift wrapping paper ideas were so easy to make. Now you’ll be able to surprise even more your friends or loved ones. Have you started wrapping gifts yet?

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  • Reply
    Kelly Mahan
    January 2, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Aw, wish I had seen these before christmas, they would have been perfect for the gifts I had! Thanks for sharing either way =)

    • Reply
      Gloribell Lebron
      January 2, 2018 at 8:35 am

      Thank you for stopping by! Hope you had an amazing Holiday season!

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