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Kids outdoor Easter activity area

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I love surprising my little ones from time to time and even more when there’s a celebration. This next Sunday I’ll be setting a “kids outdoor Easter activity area” where they’ll have fun things to do after the day’s egg hunt had finished.

Table and chairs decor

Set under the shade of our mango tree, I will be placing their kids table and chairs with some added decorations. To the chairs I’ll be adding some bunny tails that I did with tissue paper. I found at HomeGoods a set of small Easter bags with the faces of bunnies, and cut one of them to place at the back of the chairs. I love how cute these ended up looking.

Hanging from the tree, I added a bunting garland banner that I created from a beautiful gift wrapping paper I found at HomeGoods. To make this, I just spray glue the paper to a cardboard (front and back) and then cut it into isosceles triangles. I then used a hole-puncher to make holes on two corners so I could pass a thin twine. After this was finished, I hanged this bunting garland mixed with some felt carrots to give it a more Easter feeling.

More candies over this kids outdoor Easter activity area

Candies over the table setting were a must. And to do this I used baking paper cups from a set I found at HomeGoods. These came with little bunnies that I also added to decorate; like if these were real cupcakes. Another cute idea was to place some malted milk balls candies on a wooden stick like candy shish kabobs. Let the kids make this as an activity so they can play sequence with the colors or just pretend to make a rainbow of candies.

These delicious gummies as well as the malt balls are all from HomeGoods.

Cute tableware

I was so surprise when I found these plates at HomeGoods! There were so many to chose from and the best part was that these could be mix and match. My favorites were the carrot shape small plate (to place the candy shish kabobs) and the cute cups with bunny faces.

More activities

To keep my little ones entertained, I placed some color markers inside mason jars (and decorated these with Easter grass) so they could paint little Easter inspired wood plates.

After all this sugar (and color) rush, I’m ready to go inside to my normal neutral abode and add some spring touches to my surroundings. Stay tuned for this!

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