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Slow Sundays are plant Days baskets 1
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Slow Sundays are also plant days

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As the week comes to an end, I’m always looking forward to a peaceful weekend. Although some Saturdays you might find us  running some errands, Sundays are my favorite day of the week. This is the only day where we turn our alarms off and stay in bed until late. Slow Sundays are also plant days where we dedicate our time to gardening and anything outdoor related.

Slow Sundays are plant Days baskets

Nature for me feels invigorating and relaxing. On Sundays I like to walk around my patio and observe how some of my plants have been doing. This might take me a couple of minutes but after my walkthrough, I can come inside my house and feel reenergized.

Slow Sundays are plant Days steps

Slow Sundays are also plant days and me days

During the fall season, I love to sit quietly under our pergola on Sundays to enjoy the soft melodies of close by birds and the fresh breeze. This has turned almost into a ritual and even my husband now joins me. Taking in this little moment will help us deal with a new upcoming week.

Slow Sundays are plant Days baskets Potting Table 2

On slow Sundays I make the most out of our Better Homes & Gardens Delahey Potting Bench. Here I do most of my repotting and also is where I store some of my gardening accessories. When I don’t have any plant that needs my attention, I just used this bench for displaying my favorite seasonal flowers, or if needed, I would used this as a serving area for when we have company. Talk about versatility!

Slow Sundays are plant Days potting table

Gardening feels like a therapy when you have the perfect accessories. In this case, my planters (most from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart) have this rustic artisanal look that I love so much. Here are some of my favorite styles:

Getting ready for fall

This past slow Sunday I visited my nearest  Walmart to get my seasonal Mums. I was able to score four huge ones that seemed to have exploded with flowers. Back at home, I placed them on our patio stairs and to enhance their fabulous autumnal colors, I used two Better Homes & Gardens Rectangle Seagrass BasketsThe mix of colors against the texture of the baskets made these arrangement a focal point.

Slow Sundays are plant Days Me and Mums Slow Sundays are plant Days Mums 3Slow Sundays are plant Days Mums 2

I can spend hours enjoying fall and slow Sundays, and even better with a cup of coffee. Taking in these little moments will help me keep focus on the tasks at hand and to begin a new week filled with renewed energy. How do you spend Sundays?

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