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A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Table 2
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A merry table setting for everyone

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The other day I was going through some old Christmas pictures of my little ones. Surprised of how much they’ve grown in just a year, I stopped and wondered about their changed faces, height and even smiles. It almost seems like magic! But there’s not a dash of hocus-pocus here. Change comes naturally and during a year we just have a couple of instances to make time stop by creating memories. For us, gathering around for Christmas dinner brings just that; a moment to pause and enjoy us… as a family, as a couple, as brothers and sisters, as friends! Today I’m sharing a merry table setting for everyone! (P.S. watch out for our naughty Elf ;))

A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Table 1

Home is where the heart is

There’s not a place I rather be during the holidays than home. But home is not necessarily where we live. Home can be anywhere in the world as long as that place makes you feel welcomed and loved. For me homes is far away on a Caribbean island, but also here in Miami, along my husband and daughters. This year I’m honoring this place in our table by placing the Better Homes & Gardens Galvanized House Candle Holder as the center piece. The light up Hammered Metal Bowl Gold Candle, Soft Cashmere Amber (also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart) represents that warm feeling of coming back home.

A Merry Table Setting for Everyone House

Add whimsy to a merry table setting for everyone

To add a whimsical touch over our table, I added two Better Homes & Gardens Deer  Pillar Candle Holders with a set of Vanilla Scented Flameless LED Motion Flame Pillar Candles (also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart). A couple of scattered tree ornaments and some eucalyptus branches made this table come to life.

A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Centerpiece A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Deer

Check these other great options:

Hidden messages

To fancy up my simple white dinner plates, I used galvanized chargers, gray napkins and my favorite; the Better Homes & Gardens Sentimental Collection Appetizer PlatesBecause I wanted to make these words feel special and memorable, I hid them under the tiny stockings that carried the Better Homes & Gardens 20 Piece Corin Flatware Set- Matte Finish. What a lovely surprise, don’t you think? Small magnolia branches completed this table’s decor.

A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Plates 2A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Plates 1

Don’t forget the sideboard’s decor

Because this sideboard area is so close to our dinning table (check how I created it here), I complemented the overall look by adding some more magnolia branches and the Better Homes & Gardens Gold Lantern. While we normally use candles inside decorative lanterns, this time I decided to add some glam with some large leftover ornaments from our tree to enhance this little corner.

A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Sideboard A Merry Table Setting for Everyone Elf

Now that my “merry table setting for everyone” is ready and my camera is set, let the memories begin. May the holidays bring people together in peace and harmony!

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