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Create a beautiful Holiday card that will bring us all together

‘Tis the season for gathering with great friends and cherished family. But when there is distance between those that we love and us, create a beautiful Holiday card that will bring us all together.

What photo to use:

In past years we’ve taken an official Holiday photo which will then end up being in our cards. Although these pictures are very popular during the season, this year I decided to create my cards with some pictures that had a backstory and a memorable moment.

Minted Holiday 2018 Family

During this year we had the opportunity to visit special places for us and I had the opportunity to capture that instance in a family photo. Because each of these locations had a sentiment attached to it, I went in a created three different cards.

Minted Holiday 2018 Apple Picking

Variety and uniqueness

I used to be an graphic designer for more than 15 years; so for me design is more that a pretty font and a trending color. But I knew that the card that I choose had to conquest my artist eye and have that unique factor.

Minted Holiday 2018 Skinny Labels

Minted’s amazing online templates offer different ways to personalized my cards. From color, to finishes to stamps I couldn’t be any happier to have all those artful tools at my hands.

To foil or not to foil… that is the question

For me is simple: to foil. I added this metallic finish as the envelop liner because I wanted them to have little bit of glam and to elevate the overall look of the presentation. Minted offered in many instances the option to have gold, silver and even rose gold in some styles. But also these could be as simple as a print to match the holiday cards or nothing at all for a minimal look.

At the end is all in the details

Some final details made these cards extra special. Elements like personalized postal stamps and the skinny wrap-around return address labels made the difference in my cards. One of my favorite ones was the FREE custom envelopes with FREE patented recipient addressing, in a variety of matching designs and NEW hand-styled fonts. Go check the many options here.

Now that you know the many options, snap a family picture or two, and go get creative at Minted.

Although Minted sponsored this post, the opinions stated in “Create a beautiful Holiday card that will bring us all together” are my own. 

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