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Celebrating life modest and simple 1

Celebrating life in a very modest and simple way

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There’s always a good reason for a celebration. Maybe there’s a birthday coming up in the family, a cousin’s bachelorette party, or just a family gathering. This past weekend and after a couple of rough days I’m celebrating life in a very modest and simple way. Recently I went thought an emergency surgery. In that moment I remember taking a minute to look back at life and what I’ve made out of it. There was so much to be thankful for, and still is. After coming out victorious from that experience, I decided to gather my family on a regular Sunday dinner and make them one of their favorite comfort food dishes, lasagna. 

Simplicity and functionality 

I strongly believe in making life simple but beautiful and with a purpose. So after putting together all the ingredients needed for this special dinner, I needed a simple and beautiful dish that I can display over my table. 

Celebrating life modest and simple 7

At Walmart I found this beautiful Better Homes & Gardens Porcelain Oven to Table Serve Dish that was the perfect size for our lasagna. Its simple lines and beautiful handles were things that grabbed my attention.

Setting a table

After prepping this dish, I started getting the table ready. By continuing with my simple and modest theme, the first thing I placed over the table was the runner. I chose one with texture and a light color for that airy feeling. The Better Homes & Gardens 14″ x 72″ Grey Fringe Runner available at Walmart, served as a beautiful backdrop for this setting. 

Celebrating life modest and simple 8

A multipurpose piece

We all know that a cake stand is most famous for (of course) raising cakes from the surface. This time around I truly didn’t have the time to bake, although it is something that I do love doing from time to time. Instead I opted to used this Better Homes & Gardens Dual Purpose Chip Dip Cake Stand to place a flower vase and the silverware. This cake stand was an amazing piece and that also serves as a “chip’n dip” serving plate… amazing!

Celebrating life modest and simple 4

I also used some the Better Homes & Gardens White Porcelain Creamers to hold forks, spooks and knives. These little pieces are only available at Walmart stores.

Celebrating life modest and simple 5

Time for an upgrade

For a long time we’ve had some white porcelain plates that were used daily. But after so many years (and chipped corners), it was time for an upgrade. Since I loved their soft squared corners, I was so happy to have found similar ones at Walmart. The Better Homes & Gardens Loden Coupe Square Dinner Plate are the perfect size and ideal for daily use. 

Celebrating life modest and simple 6

Celebrating life modest and simple 2

Having set all these pieces in a modern and simple way, it was time to sit and enjoy our comfort food. As I celebrated life amongst the people that mean the world to me, I couldn’t have felt more plenty and blessed. We need to take time for these little moments, because these are memories that will last a lifetime. 

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